ABOUT ClassicSelect World Digital

ClassicSelect World Digital is a sister store to ClassicSelect World, and CSWD specializes in offering classical music, mostly in large digital boxed sets, to our customers. 

We mainly offer digital downloads, but we also create special digital/physical combos, where you can get CDs and digital downloads of the same recordings at a great combined price. 

Also, a service to our customers who might like to stream their music, we also offer a service where we show our customers exactly where they can stream and download their music at the major digital downloading and streaming retailers. It's as easy as one click to go to YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify to find the recordings we feature. We know that streaming has become a very popular method of listening to music, so we are helping our customers navigate the very confusing and not-at-all friendly to classical music world of streaming. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at, or and we'll be happy to help you.